1. This is why I need my own car but no you won’t let me use the money I have to get it.. I wouldn’t have to be up at 7 am to drive your stupid judgmental self to work… Then go from there only to have you say I can’t use it to see friends or that I’m not pulling my weight in your life that’s why the car won’t happen.


  2. put ‘babe’ in my ask if you’d date me

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  3. "REBLOG" if you’re a lesbian and you’re single


    I wonder how many couples will form from this.

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  4. If you have a crush on me, anonymously tell me why.


  5. Girls who like girls

    Girls with facial piercings, piercings, short hair, and tattoos are so freakin sexy…. Also if they play video games.. Damn I want


  6. Cuddle?

    Will a cute girl come cuddle with me please.. We can cuddle, play video games, eat pizza, and just relax and have fun. That’s really what I want right now.

  7. Go follow me on Instagram!!!! Eternalrose92.. I would love to get more followers.. I follow back

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  9. Kik/snapchat

    Hey ladies you should add me on kik and snapchat fairly new to both. So getting more followers and friends on there would be nice. ONLY GIRLS!!

    Kik/Snapchat- eternallezrose


  10. Reblog if you’re a cuddler.